Why You Might Need Trickle

Our customers use Trickle to respond to their people’s feedback on many different topics. It can be anything from ad-hoc comments on every day matters, to following up on people’s views in relation to new policies or tools. In fact, common Use Cases include:

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We are on a Business Transformation journey

Business Transformation can lead to unsettled times for people, whether changes are being made to the way they work, or not.

With Trickle, team members can voice their concerns (anonymously if they choose) allowing the organisation to truly understand priority matters. This level of communication and transparency helps to instil an engaged, healthy and happy work culture.

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We have merged with another business, have been acquired, or are re-structuring

Restructures, mergers and acquisitions typically lead to uncertain times for people. Some people might have new roles, others might be moving into new teams — and some roles may not exist in the new structure or organisation.

Trickle can make the transition easier by helping you focus on the people side of the restructure or integration exercise — allowing everyone to voice their opinions, positive or negative, and ensuring that emerging issues are dealt with before they snowball.

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We are making strategic changes to our business

The world changes at pace, and companies must continually evolve to meet the needs of their customers. This sometimes means big changes that can affect the entire organisation — such as re-branding, changes to common ways of working and revisions to company values.

Major changes like these can be disheartening to those not involved directly, making them feel as though important decisions are being made without considering those who know the company best.

With Trickle, our MoodSenseâ„¢ tool is great for taking the temperature at crucial stages in any project, ensuring people can contribute their views on key matters, and are kept up to speed as things evolve.

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We have recently rolled out policy changes or new tools

Many of us can be averse to change, as it can involve going through a steep learning curve, pushing the best of us out of our comfort zones. When this happens in a business environment, people often choose to suffer in silence due to feeling uncomfortable highlighting the need for support. But the chances are, others are in the same boat.

With Trickle, people can choose to feedback anonymously, giving your organisation a true picture of the priority matters that you should be engaging with.

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