People are talking. Are you listening?

Trickle surfaces the top issues to tackle across your teams, helping everyone work better together. Our easy–to–use platform helps your people:

  • Make suggestions for improvement as they go about their day to day work
  • Raise concerns in a natural way that makes following up much simpler
  • Be automatically kept in the loop as matters progress towards an outcome

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Helping to improve everything, every day.

In any organisation, people experience problems doing their jobs. Trickle is a safe place to openly discuss issues as they are faced, and collaborate as a team to find the best solutions — just Trickle it.

Trickle aims to move the working world away from informal feedback in corridors and canteens to one of openly sharing challenges, suggestions and, working together to create a more Positive Working Environment for everyone.

Why Trickle

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Trickle is Naturally Better

By giving people a safe channel to voice their feelings naturally (not just in response to point-in-time surveys!), Trickle becomes a positive force in any work environment. If something isn’t working, people won’t keep it to themselves — they simply Trickle their feelings and solve things together.

Change just happens.
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Awareness Becomes the Norm

Trickle allows people to raise feedback and contribute their views to other people’s issues and suggestions, giving you a balanced view of the priority matters across your teams.

By Trickling their feedback, everyone can see the issues being raised, the suggestions for improvement, votes for the preferred solutions and, best of all, be kept up to speed with how outcomes are being reached.

People always know what's happening.
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Happiness is Key

Many respected studies show that an Engaged Workforce means a More Productive Workforce, Reducing Overall Cost To An Organisation in staff turnover and absence.

Everyone benefits.
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